An easy to use WordPress plugin

How it Works

The application form is set up to display grouped fields in a number of steps that you can navigate to using the Next and Prev buttons.

Mandatory or required fields are marked with a red asterrisk (*). If you attempt to go to the next step without completing the mandatory fields you will see a warning message and the field will be highlit with a red border.

Proof of identity or address requires an upload. Images will display a thumbnail once uploaded.

The last step has a link to the T&C. This opens a modal making it easier for visitors to read the details without leaving the page.

On completion the Next button changes to Submit. Once submitted you will see the thank you message and receive an email with the details of your application.

The site owner gets a copy of the application and the details are also stored in the database.

In the backend you can choose which steps you want to use. In each step you can select which questions to ask, if they are required fields and change the labels. All very simple.

Click here to download the plugin

Get the Plugin

If you want the plugin download it here. If you need help setting things up give me a call on 07921 859805 or fill in the form on the Contact page